Knesset Israel

Pittsfield, MA


Knesset Israel is a vibrant congregation that celebrates community. Their Temple, however, was a dated 1969 building in need of a renovation to reflect the values of this growing congregation. Poor accessibility, dated interior fixtures, and a sanctuary layout that hindered the Rabbi were some of the issues edm resolved in the renovation process. Sanctuary improvements included new lighting, a new Bimah (platform) with ramp, refacing the soffit to lighten the space, new doors, and new finishes. One of the most striking features designed by edm is the exterior ramp with heavy timber canopy that offers both compelling presence and foreshadows the inner sanctuary space.

Services Provided

  • Architectural Design
  • Code Analysis
  • Interior Design
  • Electrical Design

Client Testimonials

“As the design committee started interviewing Architectural firms, it was pretty clear from the beginning, we were all impressed with edm. We hired edm and did we ever make the right decision. I would like to thank Tim Eagles, our lead Architect, Dawn Eagles Interior designer and Jill Lekse who I think did the grunt work of putting this design into print….Needless to say with a great team like edm I wouldn’t expect anything less than this fabulous renovation.”

Len Schiller, President: Knesset Israel