Laura Bedus, WELL AP


years in the field: 2   /   joined edm: 2016   /   specialty: Schematic Design, Renderings, Graphic Presentations, 3D Model Building

Laura received her Bachelors of Science in Architecture from Keene State College and completed her Masters of Architecture from the University of Hartford. She enjoys working on projects that are oriented around the human experience and explore connection to space. 
In addition to academic work that included her master thesis "How Can Light be a Presence in Architecture?" and an Islamic Mosque project in China Town, one of Laura's favorite projects was a middle school renovation in White Plains, NY where she worked directly with the client and oversaw the construction phase.

When she is not immersed in her work, Laura likes to travel, spend time with her close-knit extended family, and explore nature. You can find her in her kayak exploring the lakes and rivers of Connecticut during the summer and snowboarding in the winter. She's played golf since she was 4 years old (just like Tiger Woods). When it comes to baseball, it's the Red Sox all the way.


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