Jill Lekse, AIA


years in the field: 4   /   joined edm: 2014   /   specialty: government facilities

Jill earned her Bachelors of Science in Architecture from the University of Michigan and her Masters in Architecture from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She enjoys working closely with clients and likes the challenge of finding opportunities to inject creativity into each space. 
Although Jill is relatively new to the field, she's already worked on a diverse set of projects including the renovation of the 1969 Knesset Israel Temple, a challenging project for the IRS that involved multiple phases and high security, and historical detailing for Casablanca.

Outside of the office, you can find Jill working on projects around her house, hanging out with her two cats Lupa and Obie, cooking (sporadically), and hiking when the weather is nice.


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